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Is the current atomic model correct?

It is said that when knowledge is discovered, that it should be shared with others.  This is such an attempt.  

This is an alternate explanation for energy, offering a different atomic model guided by the seven principles found in the ancient and mysterious Kybalion.  The explanations given relate to nature in every way, unlike what quantum physics has been proposing for over a century.  Energy is the source of nature, after all.  

This project is an illustrated study of energy by following movement and understanding opposites.


The Kybalion

The Kybalion is a list of seven universal principles that describe how everything works.  In the early twentieth century, an author going by the name of ‘Three Initiates’ or Hermetics, attempted to make sense or those seven principles.  The Hermetic interpretation incorporated many strange beliefs and ideas, and is now considered an occult work in search of magic; so it is often brushed aside by academia.  The explanation of those seven principles in this project is NOT Hermetic. 

Through the logic of the seven principles, a different atomic model emerged, one that answers questions easily; questions that quantum physics has yet to answer.  It turns out that energy has gender.  Admittedly, it does sound unbelievable that we humans could be wrong about something for over a century, but it is not the first time.  Surely, this information will be quite controversial to some.  The intention here is not to upset anyone, but to share an idea that might help us out. 

The seven principles are extraordinarily simple.  They speak directly about the thing that makes up all other things, energy.  The seven principles are the actual laws of nature.  They are there to shine a light on what is real, and what is not.  The explanations given throughout this project are also simple, and relate to nature in every way.  

This discovery was accidental, as most discoveries are.  It was a result of searching through the many cultures of the ancient past to understand what our collective ancestors thought about God/gods/the Greater/nature/the Universe.  I never expected to learn physics, imagine my surprise!  It is a huge blessing to be able to share this with you.  Perhaps in the future, bright minds will be able to take this knowledge and expand on it.  Although this information will not change reality, it might change our perspective; hopefully, in a good way.  

We are meant to understand nature, and how things work.   It is simple, and beautiful. 

Michael David Moreno, 2018. 


The Seven Laws of Nature

1)  The ALL is Mind; the Universe is mental.

2)  As above, so below.

3)  All things vibrate, there is nothing at rest.

4)  All things have polarity; all things have their opposite and their extremes meet.

5)  All things have rhythm, like the swing of a pendulum.

6)  Every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause; chance is a law that is unrecognizable.

7)  All things are masculine and feminine; this exists on all levels. 

Energy creates all things in the universe.   Everything about energy can be explained in this universe, the only one.

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About Me


Michael David Moreno

Me?  ...i'm just a random human.  i have no affiliation with any group or organization, nor any religion (anymore).  

This project started six years ago, and it is the third and final version. My first attempt was quite amateurish, but the information is relatively the same.  During that time, i began to compare what we think we know versus what i learned.  Plus, more news was coming out, like the recent discovery of a planet forming; talk about a God-send.  Also, my father, who has a degree in electrical engineering, was challenging me at every turn.  For that, i am eternally grateful to him, because it made me refine what i was trying to share.  Truth be told, when i first tried to explain these things, it rather upset him.  It turns out, some theoretical physicists get very angry when their theories are challenged, much like debating a man who has invested so much faith and emotion into a religion. Fortunately, a few random folks found logical enough that they complimented me.  For that, i am also grateful.  i have met some wonderful free-thinkers along the way, who are constantly trying to share exciting discoveries. 

i have to admit, it was a bit difficult letting go of my beliefs along the way; no wonder people get upset at new or different information. After reading Zecharia Sitchin's massive body of work, i began to fact check all the claims being made. i am quite sure that at some point in the ancient past all of this was understood, some ancient texts allude to this.   When i started examining the Egyptian pantheon of gods, especially Thoth, who is their god of wisdom and understanding, i came across the Kybalion.  Although i do not agree with the Hermetic interpretation, the image of inward energy popped into my head; in fact, so many images did, and i just started painting them out. It was certainly very exciting when i learned that fire gets repelled, and to see it repel itself.  My father asked me, "if that were true, son, then a flame would be round in space."  i had never thought about it or checked.  Luckily, as we discovered, NASA had the photo.  PHEW!!! 

As for the other things i learned,  i have also self-published a book in found on regarding the events before the Biblical Flood.  "The Days Before the Flood" is a retelling of the different stories about the Flood found throughout ancient cultures, especially Sumerian.  

Thank for your visiting this website.  You are free to share your thoughts with me by contacting me.  i will do my best to respond.  



You are free!

It is quite controversial to announce what was shared at the end of part seven.  i understand that many people might get upset.  But here's the thing:  No religion ever let us know how nature works.  Why is that?   Eastern religions have been dominating the world.  Yet, here in the United States, we are allowed to be free, even mentally.  We already have three amazing documents, the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  The first regards Nature or Nature's God.  This understanding pushes the idea of freedom, while sharing truth about Nature.  The Universe has no religion.  It is up to us to be good, and to carry humanity towards that ideal.   Although i do not state it in the actual book, this project is about God, just not in a way that people expected.  

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